Whiskey Kisses


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years in the making.


released April 10, 2013

Ryan Schlia



all rights reserved


Steak & Cake records Buffalo, New York

Founded in Buffalo, NY February 2011

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Track Name: An Operation
Buried in my backyard, the differences are frail
They still exist in shadows and deep in the details
Break the flesh, part the ribs, you'll find that you're alone
The lonely ghosts of faith have vacated the home
One out of time with you
We're out of tune
Track Name: Brain Bath
You were never one that would lose your pretty head
Kept it tethered to your body with your shoulders and your neck
But creativity is such a dreadful shame to waste
So I'm saving all your paint, just in case I need to bathe
Because a bath in thought water might justify this headless bodied daughter

I've seen their melting mouths at the midweek masquerade
Their lips marching down their chins like a holiday parade
I've watched their filthy faces as their smiles start to fade
They thought with all those dollars bills they'd smirk a smile that would stay
If only for an hour, it's the best one you've displayed today
Track Name: Ernie
I will name this for the man you used to be
Beer and a beard
Gap tooth smile
And a full head of rock and roll hair
I will write this for the man that you became
Strained smile
Hopeless romantic
A devoted father of two
I am what I am because you are who you are
Track Name: 1700 Oak Gate Drive Apt. 3
If I totaled the all the moments
I spent searching for slumber
The sum would be a face that became my favorite number
The meantime brings a light
The likes of which I've never seen before
A glowing sickle in the sky that opens wounds and closes doors
Keep that dead fish on the line
Maybe someday you will find
The time you spend protecting yourself slowly detracts all of your health
Give in to what you deserve
We'll fry the fish and I will serve
A hearty meal of old distractions that reunites our fractured faction
Track Name: Dead Hand
Eloquence is elegant but silence is heaven sent
Burned up all my heart's content and let all the remains ferment
Filled up all those plastic bags and slipped out oh so silent
Days and weeks will pile up until you learn what I meant
Those teeth were etched in signs and snow, a ghastly torture game
Lined up the dead soldiers but can't forget the name
Track Name: Easier
Open up your blue black eyelids
Dig deep and hollow out the hole
Sew up your lips and tie the thread tight
Keep all your decency controlled

Keep all of your past transgressions
Buried under first impressions
A death grip consistently on long lost dignity

Strap on a straight jacket t-shirt
Cut out your tongue and spit the blood
The last words of a resigned actor
Dribble down the chin to end the flood
Track Name: Men in the Shadows
I've smelled the skin you like to wear
A tasty shroud of salt on bone so bare
Eyes and nails and blood and nerves and all that filthy hair
I'm aware of all those flairs but there's no feeling there
Bones creak and crack and fingers need canes
Pumps have been tossed through foreign window panes
When the soil starts to shift and my shoes start to slip
And the Earth's dinner plates soak in sinks as they drip
We'll rinse leftover blood from the surface of ships
And we'll bid it farewell on the copper pipe trips
I've been rejected from eyes and from chests
Disconnected from thoughts turned to protest subject
Infect someone's veins with a suspect object
You'll soon learn the process is hard to perfect
A poison to one, to another a dove
Track Name: Satin Sheets
Flaming floors wore out my ribcage
Set on fire and burned for six days
Brought it back and kept it vivid
Self abuse earned as the one that did it

Rest so sound in a skull so loud
Pity slips between the sheets

Bandage up your slit skin morals
Keep them clean with methods oral
Wash those thoughts in salted water
A painted replacement, the one that got her

When bridges are burning and buildings collapse
Foundations are flustered by broken synapse
When my brain becomes brittle and speech starts to slur
When eyes become heavy and visions are blurred
…I've gotten carried away