Vol. 3 Jawbone

by Steak & Cake records

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This is Volume 3 of an improv trilogy

album art by Adam Steinbrenner

Vocals by Elias Van Son

Backup Vocals: Brandon Schlia

Brandon Schlia
Brad Kujawski
Adam Steinbrenner
Elias Van Son


released May 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Steak & Cake records Buffalo, New York

Founded in Buffalo, NY February 2011

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Track Name: Here Come the Stars
Power in the money
Money in the power
Minute after minute
Hour after hour
I heard the crickets
Singing to each other
Rubbing legs together for
Some easily lured lover

Here come the stars
The streetlights and glowing signs
That pry open the bars

I drink to change
Although you’d find
If you pressed rewind
Tonight played out the same

I have my bouts
But they’re too addictive to live without
And it might just take one more glass
To figure it out
Track Name: One of my Stories
There’s a girl with me
A pleasant mystery
I wonder if I should let her know
It’s morning
Or just write her like a story

My clothes are off
The TV’s on
There’s a voice trapped in the dial tone

I speak the language of a love that lasts
The vowels of an arching back
The value of a photograph

Is it the sex that makes a house a home?
Does it take strength to die alone?
I write her off just like she’s one of my stories
Track Name: Cloud : Son / Nest : Egg
Nothing done
Nothing done in love
Nothing done in love is a waste

You’re so wonderful
Keep your distance

Weak with giving
Weak with the desire to give
Cloud : Sun / Nest : Egg
Track Name: Sometimes Forever
When Mother leaves the den
The pup stares after (sometimes forever)
And learns nothing
Outside the changing ways of hunger
And he calls out her name (sometimes forever)
In a faithful attempt to lead her home

Coyotes howling out their loneliness
Mistaking others as echoes

What am I without you?
Your name
My only sound
Track Name: Now I Drink
I’m going to stumble through the streets tonight
With a tongue tasting of wine
I see three boys on the sidewalk
Laughing and riding their bikes
Whose future’s brighter than mine
Gleaming like a goldmine

Now I drink like I’ve got someplace to go
And in the dozens of faces whose names I don’t know
I see no perfect answer
Track Name: Loose Ends
Who I’m with
Where I’ve been
How I’ve undone my loose ends
Never alone
But always searching
For someone familiar

The night’s on its heels
My drink tastes the same
Each stranger I meet
Knows me by name

A kiss on the cheek
And a shake of my hand
I don’t understand