untitled, unfinished, yet mastered?

by Wylie Something

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engineered at Curly Studios, December 2015
Produced/Mixed by Brandon Schlia
Steak & Cake Records


released April 14, 2016

collection of songs written over the past couple years that i didn't know what to do with. brandon schlia cut thru the grime and helped arrange some really solid tunes.

thx to maggie maloney of shelly the cat for the backup vocals & brandon for playing gnarly bass and drums and being the guy pushing me to get this out there.



all rights reserved
Track Name: museum
she ties her shoes in abstract thought
with hemmed bell-bottoms
not as bad as she forgot
behind horn-rimmed glasses
i waited up all night for a knock

i’ll never be able to ask
if she’d go to the museum
i’d even pay for a whole pack
of stupid subway tokens
leave the rest on my dresser for the rest of the year

always fluidly walking away

when you know you just know
i realized
as i was writing a paper
at 5:30 in the morning
with a pot of coffee
i hope that you realize
i’ll miss you
when you go back to europe

always fluidly walking away
Track Name: post-tour (with the blondes)
almost forgot the nights of piss and glitter
aw christened by lippman
i miss them
every time i go to work

riding on septa every morning
my 9-5 corporate
dull and boring
wet dreams of layin’ on the floor

so on the weekends i drink to excess
elegant progress
spiritual experiences
just missed from the night before

so throw me
the first bus ticket that you see

sick of the weekends
sick of the people
holed up in piles of laundry
i’ve been meaning to do
but it’d take too much time

is this the end
i’m having spooky dreams now
i think i might just lose it
everytime i hear the leaves
crumble ‘neath my shoes

so whatever happened to the engaged scholar?
the boy with potential
now its tired cycles
starin’ at trash on the floor

so throw me
the first bus ticket that you see
i gotta go home
just me
well-adjusted as can be
Track Name: cigdog
i’m a cig
i’m a dog
watch me stumble
burn bridges as i cross

an eternal head cold
crumpled tissues next to my bed
i’m a special individual
keepin stories straight i said

i’m not as sleazy as they say i am
i like to implode
collapse the frame and bones
i like to implode

film it all

i’m a shit
i’m alive
pulling on my pants one leg at a time

something that i said
something then i smiled
i’m a crushed up busted bottle brushed up underneath the pines

i’m not as sleazy as they say i am
i like to implode
collapse the frame and bones
i like to implode

film it all
Track Name: scholarship winner
lonely losing choosers burnin’ up on a raft
floatin’ funeral pyre i went home to take a nap
in between the first second third quarters of the match
high school all-star broken ankles sittin’ on the corner looking sad

days turn into weeks into months
my calendar is booked
obligations should be sleepin more than i would
am i genuine in situations
ash and spit and blood?
but all the money was given to the smart kids a long time ago
but am i bitter?

Track Name: old head
i hurt my shoulder in a mosh pit
now all my friends will think i am a wimp
maybe i’m getting too old for this

not even a hardcore black dots show
softer than some emo dreamland gold
but more dancing than a cascos show

i guess we weren’t built to last
i’m flarin’ out way too fast
and i haven’t even hit my 20s
Track Name: pocket
can you check the other pocket
not the one with the whole in the bottom
i swear its right there in between change and paper

i hate every single band
all the noise and any of their stupid fans
can’t focus when everything in my pockets’ out of place

you can only go to so many basement shows alone

i’ll keep finding a way to distract me
i don’t know why i keep wearing that jacket only when i’m home

something so simple i try to overcome it
i like to make things difficult and dumber
its been that way for a while or at least a couple weeks

watching neighbors walk dogs through the snow
they all look pretty cold

can you check the other pocket?
Track Name: chinatown bus
forcefeed myself some loneliness
cuz i can’t bear to be oh so happy all the time
nothing’s wrong with riding in bikes in rain
tryin’ to get somewhere
but you can’t go somewhere all the time

take a nap
stare at the ceiling fan
and know that whoever she is
she’s just somewhere else

and she’s not just anywhere
she’s that bike ride through thunderstorms
that your parents warned you about

nothing’s so simple now
you’ve still got all those cross country rides
until you wither away

it’s all the same
dyin’ full of shame
on a chinatown bus discount fare