Trump b​/​w Clinton

by Red Heat

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engineered at Curly Studios, August 2016
Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Brandon Schlia
Steak & Cake Records


released August 12, 2016

Brandon Schlia: bass

NIck Randall: guitar

Greg McClure: drums



all rights reserved
Track Name: Trump
You can blame it on the business man filling the coffers of his business brand but its all these toxic americans believing in a con just to feel safe again. They need our attention, is anybody listening to me?

The USA's glory days with the glorified scrubbed from in between the lines is just a pile of dog shit that some white wigg-ed old men climbed into and called "freedom."

Teach the kids our history or we're walking talking dead meat or are we walking talking deadmeat already?
Track Name: Clinton
A Clinton does what a Clinton do and that's lie to you
March armies into battle brewed by a CIA coup
It's in the soup it's in the soup it's in the soup Bernie screams
as he sucks down a spoonful

Don't matter when it's fed to you in the end anyway
the Feds, the DOJ
30,000 emails in the ether I bet you one of them says:

"Hill will only win
if we put the ringer in,
so put the ringer in. "