Indivisible​-​Split EP

by Steak & Cake records

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released February 4, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Beekeeper - Waxwing
hello, nice to meet you
for the hundredth time.
as I told the hand before you,
if my eyes are closed,
let me dream:
moonlit jaguars muted prowl
on swift paws pure as violins.
all our wings are melting off,
all our beaks are mouthing off.
the waxwing sings, cold wire coughs,
these death machines are turning off.
Track Name: Beekeeper - Fever Turns to Fire
wake me when the fever turns to fire,
technicolor flames flowing from new flowers.
twelve fingers to slay the giant,
whispered david to goliath.
i smoke dried leaves,
i press white keys,
my sadness is gone.
Track Name: Beekeeper - Come Back Home
we grow tall enough to fall.
the skies we saw don’t make it easier
at all.
watch the sun sinking out of sight
like i do.
watch the fireworks fall apart
like i do.
watch the clouds cover up the blue
like i do.
we grow tall enough to fall.
the skies we saw don’t make it easier
at all
to punch the clock and
come back home,
to walk in straight lines where the
grass has grown,
to talk with good friends that i’ve
never known
to try.
my God, neither have i.