by Red Heat

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Downloads to include:
Nick Randall's classical guitar tribute to tracks 1-5
Jazmine Frazier's piano tribute to tracks 6-10
Hi-Res live photo of Red Heat at Record Theatre for Herdfest 2015
Secret link to Red Heat's live set from Curlys, January 2016


released February 12, 2016

engineered at Curly Studios, Sept 2015
Produced/Mixed by Brandon Schlia
Steak & Cake Records

Brandon Schlia: vocals, bass
Nick Randall: guitar
Jordan Jones: drums

Album art by Brandon Schlia
(with additional graphic design by Peter Cahlstadt)

Mastered by Damian Weber

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all rights reserved
Track Name: Liquor Store
Working at the liquor
Still at the good ole liquor store
Feeding all the hounds and hopeless dirty whores

This job makes me sick
I’ve got to get out of it
You can’t fire me because I quit.

Pure incompetence
They don’t know how to stop the bleeding
Track Name: Bern
No one’s gonna fight any harder for you
And this is still what you think you should do?
How confusing.
And how confused are you?
You fight to lose.
Track Name: Dread
Dread dread dread
Swimming in my head, swimming in your head
How am I to survive tonight and tomorrow and the next day?
In conditions like this when there’s somebody at the edge of a cliff
And you’re ever drifting closer

Somehow every day
I decide to fully and completely ignore it.
Track Name: My Edge
No I don’t know the people you know
No I’m not gonna go to that show
No I’m not an xbox gamer
No I’m not a cigarette smoking skater
I am old and its really fucking grown on me.

All these kids carrying
Fuck yous for everyone
I must have lost my edge somewhere
I am old and its really fucking grown on me.
Track Name: Endo
I’m not for sale, send it back to the US mint
If you want to give me green it better be that indo shit

Money hungry suckers
Dollar sign fuckers
Racing for the bottom
Track Name: The Hound
Dear friend, theres no pretending you’re not stuck inside the bottle
But you have to want to climb out of it
Dear friend, there’s no more pretending you’re not pressing your luck
When you’re at the bottom you have to want to climb up

But the booze hound continues cruisin’
Track Name: Avatar-Andre
Andre x2
Little avatar Andre makes twin babies inside the walls of Sim City
Then he goes and makes two more
Cheats on his Sim-wife with an ex-whore
Plays violin and doesn’t care about the electric bill

Andre loves the stress and strife
Of a completely made up life in addition to his very own
I guess some people have more strength in the souls.
Track Name: Action-News!
2 years 2 years you’ve got 2 years to think about it 2 years 2 years

Just because it’s on the local news
does not mean that anything’s improved
Finally they’re putting my stabby animal into a cage
I don’t know about him but I’m a changed man
Track Name: Aliens 2
Oh fuck, better watch out
Here comes captain with a bomb in his mouth
Looks like he’s gonna blow up
Why even waste your time on us?
We are not ready yet.

Man kills man
What did you think was gonna happen when
We see something so far beyond
We cannot under understand it
Man kills man
What did you think was gonna happen when

We are the last of our kind and we
Don’t bother hiding it, don’t bother fighting it.
Track Name: Wild Violent
Wild violent animals on parade