by Jawbone

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released March 13, 2017

Adam Steinbrenner
Elias Van Son
Benjamin Randall
Brandon Schlia



all rights reserved
Track Name: Glue & Lead
We think otherwise
Breach the shot
Open wide
We see the same way the stars see
When the night upon our lips divide, we
Come alive, come alive repeatedly

In a holding cell
Held together
Glue and lead

Scrap rock juggernaut

It is the peek store
A painting upon itself
Enough to wrap through tired hands
It’s the only taste
The ground means nothing now
Track Name: Neon Noise
We are setting the record:
Ending all comparisons, the sun,
It shines like you

Skies of blackbirds scream
Voices calling
Neon noise
If I’m lying in the light,
You can drag me home

Sunshine in the spokes of my bicycle
Track Name: Remembering
Amena reads a magazine
The wind pushes her hair into her face
The dog knocks over a plate

Someone screams from far away

I look into her face
Is it really happening here?
Is it really happening, my dear?

Ahmed buys a round tonight
He hasn’t bought a round since I got my flight license

What gives? What’s gotten into you, man?
Oh, you know, you can’t take it with you

His brow dips
A grimace grips his face
It’s only time now
‘til it’s too late
Track Name: Walking Paulo
Hey, it is your turn to take the dog for a walk

I know, I know, all right
I said I’d be right down

It’s a cloudy April day and there’s not shit to do in town
So I got all the way out to Ahmed’s house

And the wind whipped a pile of dirt in my eye
And I dropped the dog’s leash and I ran to hide
And the blood of my neighbors must be in the clouds
Because the rain is red and they’re scattered around
Track Name: Birds of Prey
Next weekend, we’re going to Damascus
But it’s been gray for six days
And no one’s hopes are up

Ahmed didn’t come to work
Amena says the dog is sick
A panic has set on quick
In all the movements of the day

Like any minute we just might dip
And on the current, we will skip
Like a rock down the river
Carrying lives away

Birds of prey
Laying eggs on my head
No exit wounds when the whole thing’s dead
Just a mark in the dirt
Turning red
Turning brown
Turning gone
Track Name: Almost
The sun slips in through the blowing window shade
It dances on Amena’s face
She awakes
The dust catches in the kitchen window light

She makes her classic breakfast surprise
Everything here seems right
Everything seems almost all right