by Jawbone

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released October 15, 2016

Adam Steinbrenner: drums
Elias Van Son: vocals, keys
Brandon Schlia: guitar
Benjamin Randall: bass



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Track Name: Never Enough
Gallop into traffic
The southern highway
One more cigarette

Am I speaking cursive?
Lying flat-lined on my back
I am stranded on an island
My tongue is braille

Sweep the folds from your sheets
The rouge from your cheeks

[I left you to blame me]

1) For the empty chair beside you
2) For the deathbed that you’re tied to
3) For the best years of your life

Now is when I need you most

Love was never enough
Wake up
Wake up
Track Name: Marigolds
It’s been years too long
And the animals inside us
Have nowhere to graze

I apologize with marigolds
It’s a shame that it takes
What it does

But it does

Limbs split with rusty hatches
The drunken willow branches
Sweep us clean
Track Name: The Whip
Hissing lit matches
Dangling digits
Foregone and forgotten
Climbing vines
Drifting in 4/4 time

Stop breathing
Just listen

There’s a prayer beneath the stereo
Eating the cassette tape
Tires on the pavement
The angry hum of engines grows

Your voice pours out like acid rain:
You can’t beat the man who loves the whip
Track Name: White Wigs
Wear that bullseye on your back
The picture frames are cracked
Bent the photographs
And burying things seemed best
But you can’t forget


We saw the makeup apply its chokehold
Powdered white wigs swallow a scalp whole

I wanna burn down the layered falsetto
I wanna bathe in the sewers of half notes
I wanna build my new dames a castle
[and my rotating brides can stay by my side
untied from their worries and hassle]
Track Name: Spread
[Born] into a world so loud and strange
Stay still and silent
Stay unafraid

Watched by eyes that never change
Tell me what you see

Spread the canopy arms
Smile so familiar
Trees are bending over
Drinking glacier water

I watch her with the fly swatter at the window
Just like that
One day
God will come for me